The Altar & Rosary Society

The Altar and Rosary Society is an association of Catholic women who are united in prayer and in the common goal of desiring to serve their parish by participating in the various fields of the church’s apostolate.

The purpose of the Society may be listed as both spiritual and practical:

1. To promote a more ardent devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2. To sanctify the personal lives of the members and thus sanctify other people by their prayers and good example.

3. To promote an appreciation of the Liturgy and to foster Christian religious practices in the homes.

4. To care for the altars, the sanctuary and all materials used in the worship of God.

In All Saints Parish, the Altar and Rosary Society members have had the special privilege and responsibility of keeping the church in a condition worthy of the House of God for many years. It was one of the first societies started in the parish and has had an active part in the life of the parish since its very beginning.

All women of the parish are eligible for membership in this society which contributes so much to the work of the church.