The Family We Love

The early 1900's saw very few families settled in a little hamlet called "birdstown" that was nestled at the northeast corner of the growing metropolis of Los Angeles. The people living there walked miles to Lincoln Heights, Alhambra or South Pasadena to care for their material, social or spiritual needs. The hills were not yet burdened with homes; instead Basque shepherds tended their flocks and all was calm and peaceful. It seemed highly improbable, at that time, that much progress would take place in the area.

The people of All Saints Church joyfully welcomed the dawn of a new day in the life of their parish on April 26, 2001. A new era is beginning - 75 years of service to the people of God in Los Angeles is now history. The next 75 years will be a challenge to the present parishioners as it was for a small group of Catholics accepting their challenge 75 years earlier.