Attention parishioners we only have 2 in-person masses outside at the lunch tables and 1 in-person mass inside the church on Sunday. The first mass will be in English at 9:00am and second mass will be in Spanish at 10:30am. The mass inside the church will be in Spanish at 12noon. We will continue to live stream both morning masses on facebook live. Those who would like to participate in the mass may bring their own chair or we can provide one for you. 

We are also having daily mass in the church at 8:00am Monday to Saturday. Daily mass will not be live streamed on Facebook live.

Please continue to follow our guidelines that we had in mass. Please keep a 6 feet distance from other families, please bring your masks, and if you are feeling any symptoms please continue to participate from home.

We thank you all for your support.

We will continue to have our weekly confessions on Saturdays from 4:00pm-5:00pm in Room 1 of the school.

We hope you all understand. May God bless you all.


Atención feligreses solo tenemos 2 misas en persona afuera en las mesas del almuerzo y 1 adentro de la iglesia los domingos. La primera misa será en inglés a las 9:00 a.m. y la segunda misa será en español a las 10:30 a.m. La misa adentro de la iglesia sera en español a las 12 de la tarde. Continuaremos transmitiendo en vivo las misas de la mañana por Facebook Live. Quienes deseen participar en la misa pueden traer su propia silla o podemos proporcionarle una. 

Tambien tenemos misa diaria en la iglesia a las 8:00am de lunes a sabado. La misa diaria no se transmitira en vivo por Facebook. 

Continúe siguiendo nuestras reglas que teníamos en misa. Manténgase a 6 pies de distancia de otras familias, traiga sus máscaras y, si siente algún síntoma, continúe participando desde su hogar.

Les agradecemos a todos por su apoyo.

Continuaremos teniendo nuestras confesiones semanales los sábados de 4:00 pm a 5:00 pm en el salón 1 de la escuela.

Esperamos que todos entiendan. Que Dios los bendiga a todos.


Some parishioners have expressed their desire to send in donations electronically. In response, we have set-up this link. It's super easy! And super fast!

Thank you to our All Saints Family for reaching out to us and keeping us in your prayers. We miss you all and continue to pray for your good health and well being.

Love to all!


Algunos feligreses han expresado su deseo de enviar donaciones electrónicamente. En respuesta, hemos configurado este enlace. ¡Es súper fácil! ¡Y súper rápido!

Gracias a nuestras familias de All Saints por comunicarse con nosotros y mantenernos en sus oraciones. Los extrañamos a todos y seguimos orando por su buena salud y bienestar.


The Family We Love

The early 1900's saw very few families settled in a little hamlet called "birdstown" that was nestled at the northeast corner of the growing metropolis of Los Angeles.  The people living there walked miles to Lincoln Heights, Alhambra or South Pasadena to care for their material, social or spiritual needs.  The hills were not yet burdened with homes; instead Basque shepherds tended their flocks and all was calm and peaceful.  It seemed highly improbable, at that time, that much progress would take  place in the area.

The people of All Saints Church joyfully welcomed the dawn of a new day in the life of their parish on April 26, 2001.  A new era is beginning - 75 years of service to the people of God in Los Angeles is now history.  The next 75 years will be a challenge to the present parishioners as it was for a small group of Catholics accepting their challenge 75 years earlier.


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